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June Carolina League Top 50 Prospects

            June Carolina League Top 50 Prospect Rankings

  • There has been a ton of mid season call ups that have impacted the prospect rankings. I did not include any player who is not currently in the Carolina League.  Nolan Jones is included since he has not officially been promoted, which is imminent.   Also not included were any injured players.     
  • Due to time constraints, I am putting out the June rankings without any write ups, pictures or videos.
  • The number of blue chip prospects in the Carolina League is significantly less than at the beginning of the season, especially position players.
  • There are a number of 2018 mid round draft picks who were college pitchers that recently get promoted to the Carolina League. Blaine Knight and Jonathan Bowlan are the only ones that I have seen live.  It is very difficult to differentiate these players.  

1. Nolan Jones 3B (Lynchburg-Indians) (Previously 1) 

2. Tyler Freeman SS (Lynchburg-Indians) (NA)

3. DL Hall LHP (Frederick-Orioles) (4)

4. Will Benson RF (Lynchburg-Indians) (NA)

5. Miguel Amaya C (Myrtle Beach-Cubs) (11) 

6. Mario Feliciano C (Carolina-Brewers) (12)

7. Aaron Ashby LHP (Carolina-Brewers) (NA)

8.  Sam Huff C (Down East-Rangers) (14)

9.  Tristen Lutz RF  (Carolina-Brewers) (16)

10. Kris Bubic  LHP (Wilmington-Royals) (20)

11. MJ Melendez C  (Wilmington-Royals) (15)

12. Nick Pratto 1B (Wilmington-Royals) (17)

13. Michael Gigliotti CF (Wilmington-Royals) (NA)

14. Steele Walker CF (Winston Salem-White Sox) (36)

15. Jonathan Arauz (Fayetteville-Astros) (25)

16. Julio Pablo Martinez (Down East-Rangers) (33)

17. Juan Hillman (Lynchburg-Indians) (18)

18. Aramis Ademan SS (Myrtle Beach-Cubs) (19)

19.  Oscar Gonzalez LF (Lynchburg-Indians) (34)

20.  Brett Conine RHP (Fayetteville-Astros) (41)

21. Paul Richan RHP (Myrtle Beach-Cubs) (44)

22. Payton Henry C (Carolina-Brewers) (46)

23. Tim Cate LHP (Potomac-Nationals) (NA)

24. Diosbel Arias INF (Down East-Rangers) (35) 

25. Noah Zavolas RHP (Carolina-Brewers) (NR)

26. John King LHP (Down East-Rangers) (38)

27. Javier Assad RHP (Myrtle Beach-Cubs) (39)

28. Luis Garcia RHP (Fayetteville-Astros) (NA)

29. Kade McClure RHP (Winston Salem-White Sox) (NA)

30. Shawn Dubin RHP (Fayetteville-Astros) (NR)

31. Cody Sedlock RHP (Frederick-Orioles) (31)

32. Brewer Hicklen LF (Wilmington-Royals) (47)

33. Thad Ward RHP (Salem-Red Sox) (NA)

34. Konnor Pilkington LHP (Winston Salem-White Sox) (29)

35. Jakson Reetz C (Potomac-Nationals) (NR)

36. Yeremi Ceballos LHP (Fayetteville-Astros) (NA)

37. Pedro Castellanos 1B (Wilmington-Royals) (NA)

38. Jeremy Pena SS (Fayetteville-Astros) (NA)

39. Austin Cox LHP (Wilmington-Royals) (NA)

40. Jonathan Bowlan RHP (Wilmington-Royals) (NA)

41. Daniel Gonzalez RHP  (Wilmington-Royals) (NR)

42. Jimmy Herron CF (Myrtle Beach-Cubs) (NR)

43. Gage Canning CF (Potomac-Nationals) (NR)

44. Malvin Pena RHP (Potomac-Nationals) (NR)

45. Jojanse Torres RHP (Fayetteville-Astros) (NR)

46. Nivaldo Rodriguez RHP (Fayetteville-Astros) (NR)

47. Jhonathan Diaz LHP (Salem-Red Sox) (NR)

48. Brenan Hanifee RHP (Frederick-Orioles) (NR)

49. Blaine Knight RHP (Frederick-Orioles) (27)

50. Erich Uelmen RHP (Myrtle Beach-Cubs) (NR)

Honorable Mention

Marcus Wilson CF (Salem-Red Sox)

Steven Kwan CF (Lynchburg-Indians)

Telmito Agustin LF (Potomac-Nationals)

Carlos Sepulveda 2B (Myrtle Beach-Cubs)

KJ Harrison 1B (Potomac-Nationals)

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